• Wooden Canvasback - DC-Canvasback
  • Wooden Canvasback - DC-Canvasback
  • Styles : Drake or Hen
  • Poses: Standard only
  • Size: 13" x 7"
  • Weight: 1 Lb 8 oz
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    The "king" of diving ducks, the majestic can is a large diver with a distinctive wedge shaped head. The male (or bull) has a red head giving way to a sturdy black bill. The hen is colored with subtle grays and browns and they make a sharp couple out on the water. These birds are not deceptive at all, when they want in your decoys they bore full speed making sweeping turns as they approach.

    The can is a living symbol of market hunting at the turn of the century. Canvasbacks were prized by market hunters as they brought the greatest prices at restaurants. Fortunately waterfowl conservation regulations were enacted so we still have a pretty good population of cans to enjoy today.

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