• Standard pose in Drake, Hen or Unpainted
  • Hand-carved Kiln-dried Basswood
  • Painted: $8.00 Each - 12 or More $7.00 Each
  • Unpainted: $6.00 Each - 12 or More $5.00 Each
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    Widgeon are an interesting paradox, a puddle duck that often keeps company with diving ducks. They love to feed on submerged vegetation like sago & celery and rely on the divers to bring it up from the depths. In any case if you have widgeon in your hunting area these decoys are a nice addition to add some color to either a mallard rig or a diver rig. Autumn Wings widgeon are versatile decoys and may be used in a variety of applications hunting small water and big water.

    Harlequin heads are only offered in the standard pose. Head is proportioned for a 12 to 15" decoy body.

    Attaching the heads are easy, we include instructions with each purchase. We like to attach our heads with a 1/4" X 20 T-nut. The machine thread matches factory eye bolts as supplied by decoy companies such as Herters and Restle. (T-nut not included)

    Our threaded inserts make it easy to attached these replacement decoy heads to various decoy bodies. Outside is course thread, inside is a 1/4-20" thread to accept a standard 1/4" eye bolt. Please click here to purchase threaded inserts.

    The other option is if using threaded eyebolts is drill a pilot hole 1/32" less than the size of the eyebolt, the eyebolt will thread into the wood and if you want a permanent attachment just add a quality wood glue to the threads.

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    • Using Threaded inserts
    • Attaching heads to Herters decoys

    Video & photos coming soon