• Magnum (72) style options: Standard, Resting, Dabbler, Drinker, Sleeper poses in Drake, Hen or Unpainted
  • Mid-sized (67) style options: Standard pose in Drake or Unpainted, Resting pose in Hen or Unpainted and Reacher pose in Hen
  • Lifesize (63) style options: Resting pose in Drake, Hen or Unpainted
  • Hand-carved Kiln-dried Basswood
  • Painted: $8.00 Each - 12 or More $7.00 Each
  • Unpainted: $6.00 Each - 12 or More $5.00 Each
  • Flocked: $9.00 each - 12 or more $8.00 each
  • Primed: $6.00 each - 12 or more $5.00 each
Price: $8.00
    Decoy Style:
    • 72 Size/Drake Flocked/Standard pose
    • 72 size/Hen Flocked/Standard Pose
    • Size72/Standard Pose/Primed
    • 72 size/Drake Flocked/Standard Pose

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    Item #: HD-Mallard
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    Since Mallards are the most popular decoy and are used extensively in every flyway and hunting scenario, we offer the most size options and poses of any of our species. Variety adds realism that can prove deadly to decoy shy birds. Nothing conveys alarm more effectively than a spread of decoys all at the alert pose and pointed into the wind as if to take flight. Each of these decoy heads is hand carved from a very light kiln-dried basswood. Linseed oil is applied as a preservative followed by oil paints hand brushed with color blending and feather effects. The linseed oil draws the paint deep into the wood fibers enhancing durability and resulting in a realistic "feather sheen". The result is both beautiful and functional.

    Mallard heads are offered in many poses and come in 3 sizes: Magnum (Herters 72) based on 16-18" body length, Mid-sized based on 14"-16" body length and Lifesize (Herters 63) based on 12"-14" body length. When in doubt, we suggest you buy one head and try it on your body to see if you like the proportions.

    Attaching the heads are easy, we include instructions with each purchase. We like to attach our heads with a 1/4" X 20 T-nut. The machine thread matches factory eye bolts as supplied by decoy companies such as Herters and Restle. (T-nut not included)

    Our threaded inserts make it easy to attached these replacement decoy heads to various decoy bodies. Outside is course thread, inside is a 1/4-20" thread to accept a standard 1/4" eye bolt. Please click here to purchase threaded inserts.

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    • Using Threaded inserts
    • Attaching heads to Herters decoys

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