Success Stories

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your products. My son, a buddy and myself started making our own foam decoys to hunt over. I do not have a mold for a head so I needed to buy heads and came across your company. In the last year I've bought heads for goldeneye, redheads, bufflehead. Wow I am so excited. Your products are just awesome. Thanks for making a quality product and I will be a life long customer. I just love hunting over my decoys." --Paul Marker Grand Rapids, Mi and Newaygo County DU

"I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how unbelievable my new Autumn Wings decoys are working. I purchased approximately 34 decoys from this past year and started hunting with them at the beginning of the 2006/07 season. My success rate has dramatically increased. I mainly purchased the Ring-Neck decoys in a variety of positions. Even without a mechanical decoy the ducks are decoying better than I have ever seen them. I have been hunting ducks for 37 years down in the Florida Everglades and I can't believe how well these decoys work. Usually the hen Ringbills will decoy easier than the drakes. Not the case this year. I have easily tripled the drake kills from previous years. My hunting buddies are astonished. Thank you, it was money well spent. Please pass my thanks and compliments to the carver." --Chadwick W, Cooper City, Florida

"Fantastic quality, fantastic quick service! The detail and realism of the workmanship rivals the best of mantle piece carvings and can only be summed up with one word - superior! Thank you I will be ordering more!" --Russell S, Wildlife Biologist, Bruno, MN

"Your painted replacement heads have worked great on my hand painted Herter’s spread. The only head I will place on my decoys is the Autumn Wings head! To date, I must have ordered close to 60 or 70+ heads, a combination of both diver and puddle duck species. Thanks for supplying such a realistic and quality product, I haven’t found anything else that comes close. I have two daughters which I have had the pleasure of sharing morning marsh hunts, hunts which have been enhanced by your products." --Bryan M, Barrington, IL

"Yesterday I was given a ring-neck hen decoy as a gift from my guide Bill Saunders. I would like you to know that this decoy is the finest working ring-neck I have ever seen!" --Mike M, Orofino, ID

"I have had around 7 dozen of your heads in service for several years now and I am still amazed at their beauty every time I pull them out of the bag and place them on the water." --Grant B, Maple Grove, MN

"I just received the dozen Goldeneye heads I ordered and I am VERY SATISFIED! I hunt a lot of whistlers and your heads are great looking. I am sold on your product. I look forward to more orders. Let me repeat, very satisfied!" --Mike M, Solvay, NY

"I was impressed by the heads I got from your site. They were lightweight and easy to work with. I didn't even trim the one on this bird. Thanks." --Andrew G, Albertville, AL

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