• Styles : Drake or Hen
  • Pose: Standard, Alert, or Resting
  • Size: 8” x 13”
  • Weight: 1.8 Lbs
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    Item #: Cork-Canvasback
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    Autumn Wings "Fatboy" Cork Decoys are designed to convey the appearance of ducks that are relaxed on the water. As ducks relax their bodies appear to spread out resulting in broad oval shapes when seen from overhead. To achieve the Cork "Fatboy" look, Autumn Wings hand-shaped the high-density cork bodies to be extra wide. Our cork decoys are 13” X 8” weighing about 1.8 lbs. each. Our keels are made from wood, shaped to hold decoy line and anchors. The decoy bodies are primed and then hand-painted with acrylics using proven working decoy feather patterns. They are shipped with a hand carved Autumn Wings head and screw for attachment. All cork decoys are available in drake or hen.

    Dimensions- Approximately 8” wide by 13” long
    Weight- Approximately1.8 lbs

    Durable hand carved wood heads with glass eyes. Linseed oil preserves the wood followed by hand applied oils. The oils are drawn into the wood grain by the oil for durability. Sure they may scuff up but that patina (and maybe a pellet hole) adds to the character only your decoys will have! Heads are shipped un-mounted with a wood screw instructions provided. Or see our “How to Mount Heads” tab on the previous page. We provide an integral wood keel for wrapping line and for applying any ballast weight you may require.

    Disclaimer- Since Cork Decoys are not mass-produced but hand crafted some variation is going to be observed between decoys of the same species. Guess what, mother nature operates the same way; real ducks show even more variation in size and color. Does that make us more realistic? You decide.

    How to mount heads to Cork Bodies

    Cork Decoys come with wood screw to attach heads to body. This tutorial covers using a crew to attach the head. Another option is a bolt and threaded insert. For info on that see how to use threaded inserts on our website.

    1. Apply a small dab of waterproof sealer (silicone caulk) over the hole on the top of the decoy body to keep water from penetrating. Use of adhesive will make replacing heads in the future more difficult.
    2. Place wood screw in position so point protrudes 1/2" above the top surface of the decoy body.
    3. Position head where you want it. Hold head securely while drilling screw in. Tighten carefully so head is does not set into body too far.
    4. Alternate method is to first insert screw. Position head and push by hand to create a "mark" from screw point. Remove head and drill a small pilot hole. Then add sealer and screw head into position.

    Video & photos coming soon