• Styles : Drake, Hen
  • Poses: Standard, Sleeper,and Dabbler 
  • Size: 16" x 8"
  • Weight: 1-3/4 Lbs
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    When you hold this striking 16" gunning decoy in your hands you are transported back 50 or 75 years to the era of hand crafted wooden duck decoys hand painted with replicating the era. Yet it you think this beauty is going to cost you performance on the marsh you are wrong! We chiseled out the material from the bottom to keep the weight down to about 1.75 lbs each. The resulting concave bottom has proven to ride solid in fair winds or high seas. The standard wood keel is notched to accept a lead strap should the decoy owner desire a self righting bird. Yes, that's our Logo proudly burned onto the side of each keel.

    A very lightweight type of kiln dried bass wood is coated with linseed oil as a preservative and for the hand brushed oil paints to be absorbed deep into the wood grain. In addition to ruggedizing the finish this technique results in a most realistic "feather sheen". Properly set glass eyes complete the traditional, yet realistic look. Three different poses are available painted as hens or drakes. Pricing is by individual, 6 packs or dozens.

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