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Cinnamon Teal Decoy Heads
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While many of our marsh ducks are found from coast to coast, the Cinnamon Teal is strictly western. Unique among our northern dabbling ducks, this teal also has nesting populations in South America. A close relative of Blue-winged Teal (and sometimes hybridizing with it), the Cinnamon Teal has a slightly larger bill, better developed for straining food items out of the water. In some ways this species seems intermediate between Blue-winged Teal and Northern Shoveler. Our heads are larger than...

Green Winged Teal Decoy Heads
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Green Wing teal are the smallest North American waterfowl. Our heads are larger than lifesize yet might look best on the 11" long Herters model 63 puddler body rather than the 16" long model 72.