How to use Threaded Inserts

Autumn Wings replacement duck decoy heads are easy to install on many brands of decoy bodies by using a threaded insert. You can purchase threaded inserts from Autumn Wings.  

Materials Needed:

  • Drill
  • 5/16” drill bit
  • 6” ¼-20 eye bolt
  • Threaded insert (1/4”-20 inside thread, 1” long)
  • Hex Key to fit insert
  • Gorilla Glue (other wood adhesive)


Head Instructions Step 1

Step 1:  Mark the 5/16" drill bit to indicate the depth of the threaded insert using masking tape.

Head Instructions Step 2

Step 2: Align the head on the decoy where you want it, using a long pencil, mark the center of the hole where you will attach the insert.

Head Instructions Step 3

Step 3: Using your pencil, you will want to more clearly indicate where your pencil mark is from Step 2.

Head Instructions Step 4

Step 4: Using the marked drill bit, drill a hole in the head, going only as deep as the masking tape you gauged in Step 1. This will allow clearance for the eye bolt that sticks out of the top of the decoy. Use care to insure that you keep the hole straight and square or your head will not sit square on your decoy.

Head Instructions Step 5

Step 5: Using the 5/16" drill bit, drill the hole for the insert. Again, only go as deep as the masking tape you gauged in Step 1 or the depth the hole need to be to allow the eyebolt up into the head.

Head Instructions Step 6

Step 6: Place a small amount of adhesive on the insert. It doesn't take much adhesive and most will squeeze out when you screw in the insert.

Head Instructions Step 7

Step 7: Using the hex key, screw insert into head until the insert is flush with the base of the head. Clean off any excess adhesive that squeezes out.

Head Insert Installed

This is what the insert will look like once it is in the head, you are now ready to attach the decoy.

Head Instructions Step 8

Step 8: Line up eye bolt and head and screw eye bolt into head. Tighten until washer begins to indent foam on bottom of decoy. Make sure you hold the head stationary and turn the eye bolt. DO NOT turn the head as you will scratch the paint on the decoy.