• Styles : Drake or Hen
  • Poses: Standard, Resting and Sleeper
  • Size: 12-1/4" x 6-1/2" 
  • Weight: 1 Lb 8 oz
Price: $44.99
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    Item #: DC-Bufflehead
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    This "butterball" is a bundle of energy in the air over marshes large and small. They typically travel in small groups and seem to delight in changing elevations at high speeds. This is the smallest diver and would appear smaller yet if the drake did not have the puffy hooded head with strident white set off by iridescent purple and green. Our decoy emphasizes this distinctive head shape, seemingly large for a bird of this diminutive stature and painted in the in a old school antique style pattern. The hen is characteristically muted as hen divers are.

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