• Styles : Drake, Hen or Unpainted
  • Poses: Standard, Resting, Sleeper, Drinking and Dabbler (only Standard, Resting and Drinker Unpainted)
  • Size: 16" x 7"
  • Weight: 1-3/4 Lbs
Price: $44.99
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    Item #: DC-Blackduck
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    Blacks make an effective confidence decoy, as it seems other species of ducks appreciate their wariness as much as hunters do. Seeing as how blacks are "cousins" to mallards, we based our basswood shapes on our 4 mallard poses (standard, resting, sleeper, drinking, dabbler). The dimensions we use are a magnum sized 16" X 7" with weights of approximately 1.75 lbs each. Our signature hand applied oils over a linseed oil base coat result in a realistic feather finish that even wary Mr. Black will find hard to resist. The concave decoy bottom shape spanned by our pine keel offers a realistic ride. The 6" notch at the bottom rear of the keel accommodates a lead strap for self-righting ballast.

    Video & photos coming soon