Autumn Wings Wooden Duck Decoys are hand-carved from select basswood and hand brushed with oils after priming with linseed oil as a preservative/binder. The feather like sheen of our wood decoys is beautiful in the hand and deadly realistic on the water. Carefully set glass eyes finish the deception. Since they are handcrafted from wood, no two Autumn Wings Wooden Duck Decoys are exactly alike.

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Antique Heron Lake Canvasback
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Autumn Wings offers antique style hand carved wood Heron Lake MN canvasback decoys suitable for gunning decoy applications. These are our hand carved wood decoys in a solid design not hollowed out like our other hunting decoys. This is a more traditional style of decoy construction, true to the early American antiques that are so desirable.Canvasback are available in the standard pose either drake or hen.

Wooden Bufflehead
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This "butterball" is a bundle of energy in the air over marshes large and small. They typically travel in small groups and seem to delight in changing elevations at high speeds. This is the smallest diver and would appear smaller yet if the drake did not have the puffy hooded head with strident white set off by iridescent purple and green. Our decoy emphasizes this distinctive head shape, seemingly large for a bird of this diminutive stature. The hen is characteristically muted as hen divers...

Wooden Mallard
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When you hold this striking 16" gunning decoy in your hands you are transported back 50 or 75 years to the era of hand crafted wooden duck decoys hand painted with replicating the era. Yet it you think this beauty is going to cost you performance on the marsh you are wrong! We chiseled out the material from the bottom to keep the weight down to about 1.75 lbs each. The resulting concave bottom has proven to ride solid in fair winds or high seas. The standard wood keel is notched to accept a...

Wooden Wood Duck
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These beauties add a touch of elegance to a decoy spread. Beautiful in flight, sitting on a branch, or swimming wood ducks are a welcome addition to a hunters bag. They look for secluded back waters and prefer wooded covers such as river bottoms and small ponds. Found all across North America but most numerous in the Mississippi and Atlantic flyways. Our "woodies" are close to life size and look as terrific on the mantel as they do in the water.

Wooden Black Duck
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Blacks make an effective confidence decoy, as it seems other species of ducks appreciate their wariness as much as hunters do. Seeing as how blacks are "cousins" to mallards, we based our basswood shapes on our 4 mallard poses (standard, resting, sleeper, drinking, dabbler). The dimensions we use are a magnum sized 16" X 7" with weights of approximately 1.75 lbs each. Our signature hand applied oils over a linseed oil base coat result in a realistic feather finish that even wary Mr. Black will...