Each of our decoy heads are hand carved from a very light kiln-dried basswood. Linseed oil is then applied as a preservative, followed by oil paints hand brushed with color blending and feather effects. These heads work great on larger than life-size wood, cork, urethane, or foam bodies. Up to five poses are available, although some species only come in the standard pose.

All species of our heads include an option scaled for the Magnum (Herters 72). In the Mallard and Bluebill series we have added a Mid-sized and Lifesize (Herters 63) option. Prices for painted duck heads are: $8 each or 12+ for $7 each. Prices for unpainted duck heads are $6 each or 12+ for $5 each. Prices for painted goose and brant heads are: $10 each or 6+ for $9 each. Prices for unpainted goose and brant heads are $8 each or 6+ for $7 each. Contact us for orders of 60+ heads.

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Redhead Decoy Heads
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The trusting Redhead is very susceptible to a well executed diver decoy spread. The relatively large size of a male redhead and it's gray back contrasts nicely with the more common bluebill diver decoy. Our redhead drake head includes the distinctive yellow eyes on the drake and warm brown of the hen. Standard drake (unpainted) , hen (unpainted), versions are offered. Each of these decoy heads is hand carved from a very light kiln-dried basswood. Linseed oil is applied as a preservative...

Ringneck Decoy Heads
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This cocky diver with the rear-facing head crest is the mainstay of our Mississippi Flyway diver shooting, especially these days with the declining population and lower bag limits for Bluebills. They nest locally in the forested lake region of Minnesota and north into Canada providing us shooting from opening day until ice-up and then on down the flyway to wintering grounds in the deep south.My hunting buddies and myself felt intuitively that good Ringneck duck decoys would be more effective...

Scoter Decoy Heads
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A black-and-white seaduck common on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts in winter, the Surf Scoter has a boldly patterned head that is the basis for its colloquial name "skunk-headed coot."

Widgeon Decoy Heads
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Widgeon are an interesting paradox, a puddle duck that often keeps company with diving ducks. They love to feed on submerged vegetation like sago & celery and rely on the divers to bring it up from the depths. In any case if you have widgeon in your hunting area these decoys are a nice addition to add some color to either a mallard rig or a diver rig. Autumn Wings widgeon are versatile decoys and may be used in a variety of applications hunting small water and big water.

Wood Duck Decoy Heads
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Wood Ducks add a touch of elegance to a decoy spread. Beautiful in flight, sitting on a branch, or swimming wood ducks are a welcome addition to a hunters bag. They look for secluded back waters and prefer wooded covers such as river bottoms and small ponds. Found all across North America but most numerous in the Mississippi and Atlantic flyways. Our "woodies" are close to life size and look as terrific on the mantel as they do in the water.

Threaded Inserts (Pack of 6)
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Our threaded inserts make it easy to attached these replacement decoy heads to various decoy bodies. Outside is course thread, inside is a 1/4-20" thread to accept a standard 1/4" eye bolt. Please click here for our simple instructions on how to use the threaded insert to attach your Autumn Wings replacement decoy head to the decoy body.